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The Rules
  1. Be excellent to each other.
    • We're all here to have fun, guys. Meet new people, spin out elaborate Personal Storylines, but most important of all, enjoy yourselves.
    • Please be mindful of the IC =/= OOC Barrier at all times. Do not godmode, metagame, or power play. When condensing action to advance the narrative, ask permission and be prepared to edit.
    • Absolutely no flaming or insulting allowed Out Of Character. In Character disputes should be resolved IC.
    • We are LGBTQIA+ welcoming. Both characters and players of any sexuality or gender orientation are welcome here. Any form of discrimination or harassment based upon socioeconomic status, creed, sexual orientation, gender status & expression, military status, ethnicity, race, disability, or nationality will not be tolerated.
  2. An it harm none do what ye will.
    • Follow Dreamwidth's TOS.
    • Photos depicting disturbing subject matter such as human remains or dead animals are not to be posted here. No images of graphic pornography. Images that are rated "R" (i.e., full front nudity) are allowed, but should be placed under a cut, appropriately labeled with a warning as not suitable for minors.
    • No questions or content positing rape, bestiality, incest, molestation, animal abuse, animal murder for enjoyment or trivial reasons, child abuse, and child murder as a desirable or proposed outcome of a given situation.
    • When posting about possibly triggering situations (discussions of physical/emotional/sexual violence, abuse, bleeding/injuries/gore, hate speech), put a trigger warning in the title AND use the “warning: potentially triggering” tag.
  3. Do unto others…
    • The Moderators may, at their discretion, warn, suspend, or ban players that in their judgement foster out of character conflict, feuding, or who are rude to other players on the community while posting or commenting OOC. We make every effort to have any player disputes resolved amicably and to hear all sides of any conflict that occurs before any action is taken. The Moderators reserve the right to delete any comments, threads, or posts that are deemed to be fostering out of character conflict, violate community rules, or violate Dreamwidth's TOS.
    • Journals made with the clear intent to mock, bully, or harass other players in the community will be banned without warning or exception.
    • Racist, sexist, ableist, etc. language is allowed under no circumstances. Journal names, character concepts, or OOC comments that mock any group of people will lead to an immediate ban.
    • You may not play a real person unless that person has been dead for over a hundred years from the journal creation date. Examples: no to playing Lady Gaga, yes to playing Abraham Lincoln. However, if the character is clearly a parody of a public figure, and contains a disclaimer in its userinfo, it will be allowed.
    • Spoilers in comments for currently running tv shows, comics, manga, anime, or recently released movies are under a no-exceptions 1 week ban. The “warning: spoilers” tag should be used on posts referring to new media for the first month after release. If you absolutely must have your character react to their most recent canon events immediately, keep it to their private journals.
  4. Hold fast to your standards.
    • We are an R-rated, L2 V2 S2 ( game. That means the main communities do have some limits. Anything above these limits needs to go in a private journal.
    • Swearing both ICly and OOCly (as long as you aren't swearing at people) are perfectly acceptable. As are sexual discussion and references.
    • RPing smut is fine, but take it to your private journals before things get graphic.
    • Anyone may join this community, and anyone may post questions or comments at any time. We encourage you to jump in! As many iterations of the same character as people care to play are allowed, but please be sensitive that some people may not be comfortable playing across duplicates. If you happen to be one of them, please use the community "dupes: no" tag. This does not mean that you get to call dibs on any and all iterations of your character however, it is only to serve as an indication that you are uncomfortable playing them across duplicates of themselves.
LOLs and events: fun for all!
Running big events for the whole community, be they LOLs or parties or pillow fights, is a lot of fun and something we want to encourage all our players to feel comfortable organizing and taking part in. To facilitate that, please abide by the following rules. We promise it's to make things easier in the long run.
  • All LOLs and events need to be run past the mods first.
    • This lets us make certain they conform with community rules and aren't scheduled to overlap (holidays are likely to see a lot of this if we don't plan ahead).
    • This has to be done before posting in OOC to drum up interest, to avoid confusion if some aspect of the plans needs to be changed.
  • If there are multiple submissions surrounding a holiday or other event, the mods will try to make sure everyone gets a turn.
    • This could mean suggesting people co-host an event.
    • This could also mean changing the posting time slightly so that there's time to play one event out before the next starts.
  • LOLs and events cannot permanently change the landscape or nature of the Nexus on a large scale. Adding a building or small neighborhood-sized area is fine.
  • Events should be left open to new starting tags for as long as possible to give everyone a chance to join in, especially around holidays.
  • LOLs should have clear conditions and/or time limits set to end the effect. This can be negotiated individually for each participating character if the players want something different than the default conditions.
  • All LOLs and events are player opt-in. Do not assume anyone is participating.
What To Do When You're New
Ready to join in? Great! Please do a few things to help make the experience fun for everyone.
  • Fill out and post IC/OOC Permissions Meme (it's very short and shouldn't take long).
  • Make sure your character's name and canon source is somewhere in their profile.
    • If you're playing an AU or OC, please make that clear.
  • Make sure other players have a way to contact you, either in a journal post or by private message.
  • If your character has an unusual power, make sure you explain it somewhere. A Wiki link is fine for this, so long as the relevant info is easy to find.
    • If your character's power is always on, ask permission before engaging a new character. Make sure the other player understands how the power works and would affect their character.
FINAL NOTES: Moderating is a discreet occupation, so we'll be using our discretion as needed. Having been banned from other games for truly egregious behavior is ground for being banned here as well.