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Hey everyone! Just a few things, nothing drastic or dramatic.

First, I want to say good job everyone on the demon invasion. That went really well and I'm glad everyone got along and had a good time doing it. And a special thank you to Katsuya's player for running the event!

Second, I've been thinking of adding a rule about putting a character's name and source in profiles so that interested parties have some idea what they're dealing with. I wouldn't demand anything elaborate, just a "Joe Shmoe is from The Joe Shmoe Show" or something like that, and a note about if the character's an OC or AU or rule 63 or whatever. Your thoughts?

Third, and related to the second, are there any rules you think need to be added, eliminated, or edited?

Fourth, how are we feeling about tags? Do we need more tags for the Nexus or here in OOC? Are there tags you don't understand that you think we should get rid of?

Fifth, I personally find it a lot of fun when different characters refer to and use the same Nexus locations: a cafe, a book store, a street cart selling falafel, what have you. If you've used or seen used a location you like, please let me know; I'll start a running list of locations for people to refer to. Credit will be given to whomever writes/adds to the setting.


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