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Okay, so this might be nothing more than the putrid renderings of two sleep-deprived weirdos, but: who's up for a Mother's Day LOL? No babies involved but lots of pregnancy symptoms. Bloating, aches and pains, hormonal shifts, morning sickness, cravings, whatever you want to inflict on your poor characters who probably totally deserve it. The symptoms would only last a day or two.

So, what say we? Should I post it up Sunday night to let us blow off steam from the inevitable annoyances of actual Mother's Day? Or should I go sit in the corner and think about what I've done?

LOL delay

Jan. 30th, 2016 12:41 am
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I've just received word that Dr. Hill's player is in the hospital and will be for some time. Playing out the end of the LOL will have to be delayed. Continuing with post-LOL shenanigans is certainly allowed.

I know we'll all be eager to welcome Del back when she's feeling better.
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Sooo I know this is kinda late, but! Is anyone interested in doing a Secret Santa for their characters? If you're interested, comment from your character account(s) below. If you're posting for multiple characters, let me know which ones are yours, and I'll make sure you don't get matched with yourself. If there's enough interest, I'll put up a post in the Nexus for the exchange/sneaking/dump and dash on the 24th. Presents can be whatever you want. Feel free to post an IC wishlist. But Santas, also feel free to ignore all of that and go nuts. ;)
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Hey everyone! I hope everybody's doing well. :)

Just a reminder that Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows' Eve is coming up quick, and [personal profile] u_can_have_it_4_a_song has got something planned. It's pretty impressive, in my opinion, and I think we're all going to have a lot of fun. If there's something particular you'd like to request for the Samhain Ball, please comment here or PM Schön's player. If you'd be willing to help him run some aspect of the ball, please also let him know. There's going to be a lot of activities so there's room for everyone.

If you need help coming up with costume ideas, finding pictures, making icons, etc., we're here to help. So feel free to speak up. And remember, costumes aren't a requirement.

A question: do we prefer playlists on YouTube or 8Tracks or some other service? (Suggestions of playlists or for a playlist are very welcome.)

And I'd like to add a quick reminder to everyone: please update your character profiles to provide your character's full name and origin, so that those of us who are nosy curious can figure out what's up.


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