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I know most of us are probably partying in our various ways (I'm binge watching Netflix atm), but I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a truly wonderful new year. I know we had a bit of a bumpy start around here, but we've really pulled together as a group and things are shaping up fabulously. Next year is going to be even better!

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions: any old business around here we should deal with? Any new business? If there are rules you want to see added/deleted/edited, locations or NPCs you want to add to the general background tapestry of the Nexus, events you want to suggest, movie nights you want to plan (you know who you are :P), now's the time to do it. :)

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Sooo I know this is kinda late, but! Is anyone interested in doing a Secret Santa for their characters? If you're interested, comment from your character account(s) below. If you're posting for multiple characters, let me know which ones are yours, and I'll make sure you don't get matched with yourself. If there's enough interest, I'll put up a post in the Nexus for the exchange/sneaking/dump and dash on the 24th. Presents can be whatever you want. Feel free to post an IC wishlist. But Santas, also feel free to ignore all of that and go nuts. ;)
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In Iceland, books are a huge part of the Christmas tradition. Most books are published in the last part of the year because most books are purchased then. Talking about books, reading the giant catalog of new books, trying to decide what book is just right is all part of the fun of the "Christmas book flood".

And that sounds like a lot of fun to me.

So! In the spirit of the thing, and maybe to make our holiday shopping a little easier: what good books have you read this year and why do you recommend them? Yes, graphic novels totally count.

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