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Hello, my poppets! Lately, I've been getting some questions about the game and how it works from people who're unfamiliar with journal RP. So I've put together this FAQ to try and help them sort things out. I'm sure I've missed things, so please read it and let me know if anything's unclear or if there's something you'd add. Thanks!
Edit: new language in dark red to make it easier to find.

FAQ v1 )
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Things have been going on, people! So many things.

First: advertising.
  • Got some ads up around DW, as was suggested; hopefully those work. (If you're here thanks to the ads, please let me know!)

  • Working on advertising off DW. I'm looking at Hollow Art, directories, and Tumblr right now. Maybe Reddit. Suggestions?

  • Any suggestions for gifs I can use for banners/buttons to advertise the comm? Or do we want to maintain our minimalist cool?

  • When I have a selection made, I'll put up a post with buttons for forum signatures and things. Anyone who'd like to contribute some, please drop them in the comments.

Community Maintenance
  • The profile for the main comm has been changed. I'll make it fancier later. The old one has been archived here.

  • We still like the front page layout for the comms, right? Or should I look for new ones?

  • Do we want a Valentine's event next month? If so, any ideas for it or volunteers to play Cupid?

  • Would anyone be interested in optional contests? I could do, say, a monthly writing prompt, and whichever I like best gets a little badge or something.

  • Would Nexus Locations be more useful with pictures, Wiki pages, menus? I for one love old menus and cookbooks, so it wouldn't be hard for me to get a collection of menus together to give people an idea of what might be on the menu at a medieval tavern vs a mid-century diner.

  • Would anyone be interested in a group Pinterest board for sharing pictures/maps/what-have-you? It might be a good way to build up a communal mental image of what the Nexus and its inhabitants look like. I could start a couple different boards if people would prefer things are a little more organized.

  • Are there other kinds of resources you'd like to see/find useful? Writing prompts, suggestions for where/how to find PBs, HTML tutorials?
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We've had our first ban over at [community profile] nexus_sages. An account was created for the obvious purpose of mocking and harassing a player in the community. The journal name also included ableist language. This ban is not open to debate, and we will not be answering questions on the subject.

What we do hope to discuss is whether or not we should attempt to make detailed lists of what's not allowed, or if the rules as written are sufficient. There are definitely arguments to be made for and against both positions, so let's try and have a polite conversation about it okay?

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss a delicate and sometimes difficult concept: the difference between being a character being offensive IC, and the concept of a character being offensive OOC. Some characters are jerks. We get that. Sometimes that's why they're villains, sometimes that's what keeps them from being overly saccharine heroes, sometimes they've got a blind spot about their own faults, sometimes they're just having a bad day. And that's fine. But some character concepts are offensive, and that's not okay.

Characters that are created to mock a specific real-life person, or a category of people, are offensive and will not be tolerated. I truly believe we're all capable of having fun without hurting feelings.

And if this is all just too serious for you, please feel free to scroll down a bit and help us build the community playlist.
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Suggestions & Feedback

Manlymod here! As Sages is a place where people from everywhere and all walks of life can come and play, we're always open to input on how best to evolve the Nexus for the better. So if you have a suggestion as to how to improve the community, please, let us know.

IP off, Anon on, Comments screened unless asked to be unscreened.

Anon comments that have been replied to will be unscreened however, unless requested otherwise, just so people know exactly what is addressed.


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