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Living up to the character's hype, [personal profile] mybadhabit found all 24 eggs in this year's egg hunt! Congrats to them!

For anyone who's curious what they looked like, look within. )
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There's been some interest in holding a spring market or festival, so I said, "why not both?" It'll be posted this weekend (if you've got a preference for what day, let me know, I'm open to suggestions). I know this weekend is Easter which means some of you may have family obligations, so we're prepared for people to trickle in throughout the week. I'm thinking it'll be part state fair, part craft fair, part ren faire.

If you've got a character who'd like to join in, consider this fair (ha!) warning to be prepared. You don't need permission or anything, just go ahead and post when the time comes. But a comment mentioning you'll be taking part would be nice. :)

Rumor has it there will be dragon rides.

Edit: Due to a player having connection issues due to an ice storm, this event is being moved to the weekend of the second. This is not a drill. This is not an April Fools prank.

Egg Hunt!

Mar. 20th, 2016 12:52 pm
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Yes, that's right, we're hunting for colorfully decorated nondenominational eggs. I have craftily hidden two dozen around the various communities and important posts for you to find. There will be prizes! There will be mystery! There will be lamely decorated pictures of eggs! So, first, the rules:
  • Everyone can enter. Everyone who sends in their answers before the end of Sunday March 27th will be credited. There's no prize for being first (except maybe a shoutout); everyone who completes any objective will receive the same prize.
  • There are 24 eggs hidden. They will be hidden as links, not pictures--yes, I am craftily trying to force everyone to read the rules. Make a list of the URLs of the posts or comments in which the eggs have been hidden in order to earn credit for having found them.
  • Eggs will be hidden in posts and comments made by the following accounts: [personal profile] varnished_truths, [personal profile] brave_heart_verity, [personal profile] apeddlerofvarnishedtruths, [personal profile] nodamselnodistress, and/or [personal profile] la_bandette.
  • Eggs will be hidden in any post linked to in the game navigation post and/or any post made in either [community profile] nexus_sages or [community profile] nexus_sages_ooc since the beginning of the year. Some posts may have multiple eggs. If so, put the number of eggs in the post after the URL.
  • Send your URL lists to [personal profile] varnished_truths via PM.
If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments, I'll try to clear everything up asap. Prizes:
  • Everyone who enters will be given a chance to have one of their characters featured in a character spotlight series I'll be running. This will involve my conducting a short in-character interview with them and featuring some of their answers in posts made to the new community Tumblr and Twitter accounts. These may also be used later in another project that's still in development right now. ;) I did promise mystery!
  • Everyone who finds a dozen eggs will have their choice of three icons or one larger banner made special by me. I can't really draw, but I can do a decent job recoloring a PB's hair or eyes or doing a little photomanipulation, and have some nice textures and effects to add to banners; sourcing art will be on you. Anyone who finds all 24 eggs will get double the prize: six icons, two banners, or three icons and a banner.
  • Many of the eggs were made with Nexus characters in mind. If you spot an egg that you think represents a character you've seen in the Nexus, add a little explanation as to why. My favorite explanation for each egg will win the people's ovation and fame forever (I never promised they were good prizes!); and your story will be featured in the egg gallery I'll be posting when the event is over.
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Hey everyone! I hope everybody's doing well. :)

Just a reminder that Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows' Eve is coming up quick, and [personal profile] u_can_have_it_4_a_song has got something planned. It's pretty impressive, in my opinion, and I think we're all going to have a lot of fun. If there's something particular you'd like to request for the Samhain Ball, please comment here or PM Schön's player. If you'd be willing to help him run some aspect of the ball, please also let him know. There's going to be a lot of activities so there's room for everyone.

If you need help coming up with costume ideas, finding pictures, making icons, etc., we're here to help. So feel free to speak up. And remember, costumes aren't a requirement.

A question: do we prefer playlists on YouTube or 8Tracks or some other service? (Suggestions of playlists or for a playlist are very welcome.)

And I'd like to add a quick reminder to everyone: please update your character profiles to provide your character's full name and origin, so that those of us who are nosy curious can figure out what's up.


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