The Cat that Got Lost

Jul. 18th, 2017 05:53 pm
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Crookshanks had gotten bored of his witch visiting around with more and more people. He just wanted to go home. And so he had wandered off on his own.

However, no matter how brilliant he felt, the Nexus was a large place and very easy to get lost in. And he tried to retrace his steps, but that too failed to bring him back to where he had left Hermione.

He sat down to ponder his next option. And meowed softly... maybe Hermione would hear him? She was the one that got lost, after all.
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Tonight, Hunter has his apartment decorated with a pirate theme. He had invited Jim over for a movie-watching marathon, so they could watch the four of five Pirates of the Caribbean movies that Hunter owns.

And in addition to having some pirate decorations hanging around the living room, Hunter is dressed in a pirate costume. He also has some special treats prepared for the movie night, which includes caramel popcorn, salt and vinegar chips, pretzels, peanuts and a few chilled beers.

Everything is ready for Jim to show up, so they can start the movie night.

[OOC] Headcanon meme

Jul. 7th, 2017 08:01 pm
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All answers assume normal everyday life aboard the Enterprise. As of the time this was posted, the ship is in drydock for repairs.

What does their bedroom look like? The captain's quarters are the biggest aboard the Enterprise. It's one big single room with a half-wall partition separating the sleeping area from his workstation, which includes a desk and personal computer interface. There's a window above his single bunk that looks out into space, but no wall decorations. The furniture is all Starfleet-issued with no customization or variance from crew standard. There are two hidden doors in the sleeping area, one of which leads to a closet containing a dozen shipboard gold uniforms, two gray dress uniforms, one of each of the other styles of uniform, and a small selection of civilian clothing. The other door leads to a bathroom that is shared between the first officer's quarters next door. Other than his clothes, the only personal items on display are a crate of paperback books and some random knickknacks that he's picked up on various planets around Federation space.

Do they have any daily rituals? Jim always stops at the officers' mess every morning before his shift to get a bagel and coffee, which he usually refills before reporting to the bridge. Assuming there are no interruptions or crises that need to be addressed, he spends the first half hour of duty catching up on requisition forms and reports from the night shift. Jim and Spock are also in the habit of playing chess two to three times per week, usually around 1900 hours.

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