Egg Hunt!

Mar. 20th, 2016 12:52 pm
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Yes, that's right, we're hunting for colorfully decorated nondenominational eggs. I have craftily hidden two dozen around the various communities and important posts for you to find. There will be prizes! There will be mystery! There will be lamely decorated pictures of eggs! So, first, the rules:
  • Everyone can enter. Everyone who sends in their answers before the end of Sunday March 27th will be credited. There's no prize for being first (except maybe a shoutout); everyone who completes any objective will receive the same prize.
  • There are 24 eggs hidden. They will be hidden as links, not pictures--yes, I am craftily trying to force everyone to read the rules. Make a list of the URLs of the posts or comments in which the eggs have been hidden in order to earn credit for having found them.
  • Eggs will be hidden in posts and comments made by the following accounts: [personal profile] varnished_truths, [personal profile] brave_heart_verity, [personal profile] apeddlerofvarnishedtruths, [personal profile] nodamselnodistress, and/or [personal profile] la_bandette.
  • Eggs will be hidden in any post linked to in the game navigation post and/or any post made in either [community profile] nexus_sages or [community profile] nexus_sages_ooc since the beginning of the year. Some posts may have multiple eggs. If so, put the number of eggs in the post after the URL.
  • Send your URL lists to [personal profile] varnished_truths via PM.
If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments, I'll try to clear everything up asap. Prizes:
  • Everyone who enters will be given a chance to have one of their characters featured in a character spotlight series I'll be running. This will involve my conducting a short in-character interview with them and featuring some of their answers in posts made to the new community Tumblr and Twitter accounts. These may also be used later in another project that's still in development right now. ;) I did promise mystery!
  • Everyone who finds a dozen eggs will have their choice of three icons or one larger banner made special by me. I can't really draw, but I can do a decent job recoloring a PB's hair or eyes or doing a little photomanipulation, and have some nice textures and effects to add to banners; sourcing art will be on you. Anyone who finds all 24 eggs will get double the prize: six icons, two banners, or three icons and a banner.
  • Many of the eggs were made with Nexus characters in mind. If you spot an egg that you think represents a character you've seen in the Nexus, add a little explanation as to why. My favorite explanation for each egg will win the people's ovation and fame forever (I never promised they were good prizes!); and your story will be featured in the egg gallery I'll be posting when the event is over.
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Wow, so, this is a thing I'm excited about. So, to start off, hi everyone, I'm Gnome, it's nice to meet you. So like, waaaaay back in 2005 (or thereabouts, my memory is terrible when it comes to dates), when I was a stupid teenager in high school (I'm still stupid, but I am a more experienced writer now!) I used to play in the original Nexus. So like, seeing the ad for this place on RPADs was like. Wow. WOW. I am equally jazzed and terrified about this because for some reason, people get scarier the older I get.

So, yeah, anyway. Hi. I'm not sure how quickly I'm going to plunge in here yet, but in the meantime, um, I've got Speed of Sound Sonic here, from the anime One Punch Man. He's kind of a butt (he's a huge butt), but unless your name is Saitama, the worst he's really going to do is be arrogant and catty. He gets a little creepy sometimes, but again, only if your name is Saitama, or if he's talking about Saitama.

Basically, he's One Punch Man's Vegeta, only like, sexier. And a ninja. And he has a pet pig named Inoshishi no Ino (Wild Boar the Boar) who is SUPER CUTE, no really look at this adorable piglet.

Please don't bury me in Sonic the Hedgehog jokes, I am so very tired, they never stop. Naruto jokes are great tho.
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We mods have been kicking around some new rules. It's nothing onerous, I don't think, just some clarifications to help things run more smoothly. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

LOLs and events: fun for all!
Running big events for the whole community, be they LOLs or parties or pillow fights, is a lot of fun and something we want to encourage all our players to feel comfortable organizing and taking part in. To facilitate that, please abide by the following rules. We promise it's to make things easier in the long run.
  1. All LOLs and events need to be run past the mods first.
    • This lets us make certain they conform with community rules and aren't scheduled to overlap (holidays are likely to see a lot of this if we don't plan ahead).
    • This has to be done before posting in OOC to drum up interest, to avoid confusion if some aspect of the plans needs to be changed.
  2. If there are multiple submissions surrounding a holiday or other event, the mods will try to make sure everyone gets a turn.
    • This could mean suggesting people co-host an event.
    • This could also mean changing the posting time slightly so that there's time to play one event out before the next starts.
  3. LOLs and events cannot permanently change the landscape or nature of the Nexus on a large scale. Adding a building or small neighborhood-sized area is fine.
  4. Events should be left open to new starting tags for as long as possible to give everyone a chance to join in, especially around holidays.
  5. LOLs should have clear conditions and/or time limits set to end the effect. This can be negotiated individually for each participating character if the players want something different than the default conditions.
  6. All LOLs and events are player opt-in. Do not assume anyone is participating without discussing it with them first.
What To Do When You're New
Ready to join in? Great! Please do a few things to help make the experience fun for everyone.
  • Fill out and post IC/OOC Permissions Meme (it's very short and shouldn't take long).
  • Make sure your character's name and canon source is somewhere in their profile.
    • If you're playing an AU or OC, please make that clear.
  • Make sure other players have a way to contact you, either in a journal post or by private message.
  • If your character has an unusual power, make sure you explain it somewhere. A Wiki link is fine for this, so long as the relevant info is easy to find.
    • If your character's power is always on, ask permission before engaging a new character. Make sure the other player understands how the power works and would affect their character.
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Spring is near! Is anyone else relieved? Because I am super looking forward to it.

Let's see what ideas might spring up this month. Yes, my puns are terrible. They could be verse.

writing prompts to be written not-so-promptly )
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Just your typical day with a driver come to pick you up and take you somewhere... except.

(I kind of wish there were more footage from outside the car so we could see how Danica was actually driving.)

What cool videos have you all found this week?
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Well, bittersweet news for me, but: since our founder is, unfortunately, unable to return to the game in the foreseeable future as a mod, we have a shiny new one to keep me company! [personal profile] spackled_speculations is new to this, so please be gentle with him.

ETA: A new mod means the rules are going to get a going-over. If there's something you'd like to see added/removed/changed/in a new font, now's the time to speak up.
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It's not late, I'm just, er... fashionably late, which is totes cool right? This is an older video, but I can't get enough of it. Basically, I love Lil BUB and yes that includes watching all the magical Yule log videos. So: watch, be amazed, and fall in love with the best little magical girl kitten ever. And no, I can't let the big holiday go unremarked... happy early Half-Price Candy Day on Monday!
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Another month, another movie. Everyone's invited to come join in watching a film on Sunday, February 28th at 9:30pm Eastern (6:30 Pacific, 7:30 Mountain, 8:30 Central.) 

IC Details: Hosted at the VSW Hall. Attendance is open to anyone! 

OOC Details: We stream via Livestream, so in case you haven't got an account there, sign up! Change your name to your character's name for convenience. All commentary is IC unless noted by ((ooc double brackets.)) I'll make another post the night of the stream with a link to the event. All you have to do is click and enjoy!

The Film: It's February, and that means love, and I'm the tyrannical dictator who says we're watching The Notebook. Come get a load of Sad Earth Romance, cry about unnecessary miscommunication and WWII, and watch people kiss in the rain. 

Edit: There was a change to the date. The 28th is the official date of the stream!

Living Art

Feb. 5th, 2016 08:32 pm
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So, new thing I'm trying to get people to come around and chat a little more: video of the week. Once a week, I'll post a video. Easy so far, right? Then all of you awesome people come around and talk about it, share your own finds, and generally try to avoid rioting.

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Hello wonderful people, it took a bit for me to drop in here and introduce myself, so I apologize for that. I'm Lin, and I've got Chris ([personal profile] makeachoice ) from Until Dawn here, and I'm really excited to tag with you all!

Secondly, I apologize to anyone who has been threading with me because I know I sort of just disappeared. My computer more or less crashed soon after I posted my first thread, and I wasn't really able to respond often - hence my sporadic tagging. But! Good news! My computer was fixed today, and I'm back again (I promise that actually I tag more often than once a week). Please let me know if you'd like me to continue our thread - I know it's been a good week since I last tagged, so I completely understand if not. There are always new threads, after all.

I look forward to playing with you all!
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I am out of the hospital! I've still got some travelling to do (I had to go to an out-of-town medical facility and now my flight got cancelled due to weather) but I am in one piece! One very tired but healthy piece.

I might be a little slow getting back to things, but I'm gonna concentrate on Dr. Hill tags first and foremost back on that one post and get everything squared away so we can get back to the fun!

Thanks SO MUCH for all the well wishes and good vibes; they really meant a great deal to me and helped a LOT with my recovery. You are all the best. Yes, you!
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Write it out! )

LOL delay

Jan. 30th, 2016 12:41 am
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I've just received word that Dr. Hill's player is in the hospital and will be for some time. Playing out the end of the LOL will have to be delayed. Continuing with post-LOL shenanigans is certainly allowed.

I know we'll all be eager to welcome Del back when she's feeling better.
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Heyyyyy guys. Are y'all still interested in my posting writing prompts? If so, I'll post some up on the 1st.

Also, just a reminder: communities get a limited number of tags they can use, so I have it set so only admins can add new tags. Check the community tag lists before posting, please. If you want some new ones, let me know, right now we don't have many so I'll probably add them. Thanks!

ETA: If you have a prompt or several you'd like to suggest, PM them to me. I'll pick one or two from everyone who has recommendations and add them to the list, with all due credit of course. ;) Let's mix it up! (Thanks for the idea, [personal profile] heirtothearcane!)
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First off, thanks for all the people who jumped in and got involved with the bodyswap event! It's super exciting to see all this interaction between characters, some who've never done so before, getting new friendships and new annoyances forged.

A concrete conclusion was promised and one is coming here tonight. At 6:30 PM PST, Dr. Hill will arrive in the Nexus again, where people can tag in to bring an end to their swap, demand answers, probably get graded on their efforts, try to punch him, whatever your character's spoilin' to do!

If you'd prefer to draw out your current swap, you don't have to tag until you're ready! If you want it done immediately, get on in there with your partner and we'll get things squared up. The post is meant for backtagging and will stay open for as long as you need it there.

Also keep in mind if you'd like to just move forward but keep backtagging swap plot stuff, that's totally a thing too.

ADDITIONALLY, if there are any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to ask! I'm here for YOU.

AND ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INVOLVEMENT! You are what makes the Nexus magical.

EDiT: Post is up!

EDiT 2: I'm having connectivity issues here in good ol' goddamn Kodiak, AK, so I might not be able to reply to any posts tonight. Fret not if that is the case! I'll do my best to get some tags in, but I just had to rewrite the same one three times and it got eaten in every single attempt. STAY TUNED.
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Hey everyone! It's Louisa here with (yet) another new pup. This lady is Natalie Goodman, from the musical Next to Normal. I wanted to kind of...voicetest her a little, since I used to play her in a game a while back. I figured the Nexus would be an interesting fit for her. ;)

By the way, my area is supposed to get walloped with a blizzard tomorrow, so if I'm slow on tags, the power's out and I'm reading all my books, lol.

-- Louisa, for Iphigenia, Wendla, and now Natalie
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EDIT: Should be up and running! If you come in before 9:30 eastern it'll be ooc chat. I'll make mention of IC chat starting. 

Just a little reminder, tonight at 9:30pm Eastern (6:30 Pacific, 7:30 Mountain, 8:30 Central) we're streaming Star Wars: Whichever One Number 4 Is. Hope or jedis or something. Anyway, anyway, keep an eye on this post! Between 9 and 9:30 Eastern I'll post a link here for you all to join in on the stream. 

Remember, if you haven't yet, you should go to and sign up with your username as your character name!
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Hey, guys, there's a Nor'Easter headed toward me, supposed to hit tonight/tomorrow morning. We're getting rain, or so they say, so it shouldn't be a problem, but these storms can turn on a dime. So if I'm not available for a few days, you know why: snow. Also, to all our Midwestern players: please take your snow back, New England does not want it. :P
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So one of the greatest things about RPing in a setting like the Nexus is sometimes madcap things happen for no real reason other than "who wants to see this happen" or "haha wouldn't it be funny if".

Which is why me and Staci (Katsuya/Jim-mun) would like to propose an event for a classic LOL: bodyswapping! But before it goes underway, we'd like to throw out this OOC post regarding it. First to gauge interest, second to allow planning amongst players, and third to plan a timeframe!

With that said, the event would be prompted by everyone's favourite local psychoanalyst, Dr. Hill. A clear start and, unless interest expresses otherwise, a clear end. (Likely only a week, unless there was a reason to extend or cut short, again, as expressed by other Nexus-goers OOCly, or solutions found ICly. Plenty of time to RP out the hijinks of people being stuck as other people, but not so long that it gets in the way of other plots, events or character development.)

Please comment with your thoughts on the timeframe, the possibilities and your potential interest! Also with your concerns, cuz this is all easy enough to shuffle around and tweak so that we can get people on board and prepared for it.

Also please TOTALLY use this thread as a place to plan with your fellow players who you'd like to have involved, swap with whom, and how that would go! We're more than happy to help match up people if you're having trouble choosing, finding or just want it to be a surprise too.
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By popular demand, I want to propose a game!

Comment on this thread and I will try to pick what Pokemon your character would be! Other people are welcome to comment as well, of course. As a heads up, try to use official art only, if you're going to post images. I don't feel cool posting up peoples' fanart without getting permission on other sites.

Fair rules? Okay! I'll start. Jim has been voted on already by others. He is Jolteon. The color palette is obvious, but he's also got the hair goin' on, and the energy for days.