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Schön W. Freund ([personal profile] u_can_have_it_4_a_song) wrote in [community profile] nexus_sages_ooc2016-10-23 09:39 pm

Coming up on a holiday...

Samhain, All-Hallow's Eve, the day before Half Price Candy Day (Autumn Edition)--Halloween! Last year, those of you who were here might remember Schön threw a shindig, and it's safe to say I plan to do so again.

As last year, I'll put up a post a few days beforehand, so people can filter in at their own pace. There is NO set end for this party, stay as long as you like, play as long as you like, and since I understand the real world comes with its own holiday pressures, "fashionably late" could be considered a polite euphemism for "mid-November." Tag in when you can, and someone will play with you. It's a costume party, so have your character come in costume (or avail themselves of the costumes provided by your so-generous host).

Also like last year (since it seemed to work well), I'll be setting the scene in general terms in the post itself, and then creating several top-level comments to serve as different areas of the party. The entry hall, dance floor, bonfire, and back halls were all popular last year, and it's safe to assume they'll be making a comeback. If there's something you think a Halloween party really needs, tag in here with a comment so I can be sure to include it.

So, who's interested in a Samhain Ball? Show of hands.

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