Jan. 14th, 2016

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So one of the greatest things about RPing in a setting like the Nexus is sometimes madcap things happen for no real reason other than "who wants to see this happen" or "haha wouldn't it be funny if".

Which is why me and Staci (Katsuya/Jim-mun) would like to propose an event for a classic LOL: bodyswapping! But before it goes underway, we'd like to throw out this OOC post regarding it. First to gauge interest, second to allow planning amongst players, and third to plan a timeframe!

With that said, the event would be prompted by everyone's favourite local psychoanalyst, Dr. Hill. A clear start and, unless interest expresses otherwise, a clear end. (Likely only a week, unless there was a reason to extend or cut short, again, as expressed by other Nexus-goers OOCly, or solutions found ICly. Plenty of time to RP out the hijinks of people being stuck as other people, but not so long that it gets in the way of other plots, events or character development.)

Please comment with your thoughts on the timeframe, the possibilities and your potential interest! Also with your concerns, cuz this is all easy enough to shuffle around and tweak so that we can get people on board and prepared for it.

Also please TOTALLY use this thread as a place to plan with your fellow players who you'd like to have involved, swap with whom, and how that would go! We're more than happy to help match up people if you're having trouble choosing, finding or just want it to be a surprise too.


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