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Another introduction

So I thought I would introduce myself to everyone. A good RP'ing cohort of mine found this place, and I have to say that I am very happy to be here. Already, after one post with Hunter, I have plot! It is so exciting.

I'm Sabrina. Or Brin. And I have been roleplaying for a couple of years. Started on livejournal, but migrated with the great switch. I also have a couple of Journals that people might have seen around.

And in case you haven't...

 photo RP Journals info.jpg

So of course if you ever want to RP with me, just give me a nudge! Always happy to find new people to interact with!
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Welcome, Brin! :D We're so glad to have you join us!

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Very welcome. In both senses of the phrase. ;)
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Welcome to the group, and I'm glad you're finding the welcome warm.
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That's one of the better reviews I think I've ever heard for the Nexus. Mind if we quote you on that for the ads?