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I've been posting a few toons in the main comm for a few days so it's occurred to me that I should probably say hi. :) I'm Ael, I have lots of characters, so if you see any of these folks around, that's me. I've played at [community profile] multiverse_nexus (and its precursor on Livejournal) for years so I'm very familiar with this type of RP, and it's good to see a more active community with new people to interact with. :D

If you ever want to play with a specific one of my characters, please just let me know and we'll work something out.
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Hello and welcome! We're so glad to have you. :D
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Welcome to the party!

Also, wow, that is quite the character list you've got going. I'm not sure I'd have the headspace for half that many, I'm impressed.
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Fair enough.

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Wow dear_multiverse is a blast from the past. :) I started my journal rp career over there many, many, many moons ago.