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Spring Market Festival--soliciting vendors and performers!

There's been some interest in holding a spring market or festival, so I said, "why not both?" It'll be posted this weekend (if you've got a preference for what day, let me know, I'm open to suggestions). I know this weekend is Easter which means some of you may have family obligations, so we're prepared for people to trickle in throughout the week. I'm thinking it'll be part state fair, part craft fair, part ren faire.

If you've got a character who'd like to join in, consider this fair (ha!) warning to be prepared. You don't need permission or anything, just go ahead and post when the time comes. But a comment mentioning you'll be taking part would be nice. :)

Rumor has it there will be dragon rides.

Edit: Due to a player having connection issues due to an ice storm, this event is being moved to the weekend of the second. This is not a drill. This is not an April Fools prank.

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