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Welcome to OOC!

Girliemod here to say hello and welcome!  Whether we've met in the Nexus before or not, it's good to meetcha.

This is your friendly neighborhood sticky post.

First, the rules:
  • All the rules from [community profile] nexus_sages still apply.
  • Be nice.
  • If you'd like to run a Nexus-wide event, please clear it with the mods before posting here.
  • You're welcome to plot smaller things here, but please try to be open to people who'd like to join in.
  • If someone's plotting and don't have a place for your character(s), accept this graciously and move on.
  • If you've got a suggestion for the mods or want to give us feedback about how we're doing as mods, please comment in the "suggestions & feedback" post.
  • If you've got a problem you'd like the mods to handle, please comment in the "problems" post.
  • People are allowed to keep their muse lists secret.  It's an individual choice.
Comments on this post are not screened.
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Swing by the meet & greet!

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